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Click here to watch BRUCH’s recent live lounge for BBC Introducing.

Described by her followers as having elements of Björk, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, and Goldfrapp, all wrapped into a tiny, artistic explosion, BRUCH is a purveyor of curious, electronic sounds, multi-layered vocals, and ethereal melodies, bringing her classical cello training into the mix for an eclectic juxtaposition. BRUCH is completely self-produced, and 98% of the sounds you hear in her music are created entirely by her.

BRUCH’s music is like nothing else.

Her track, Ley Lines, was chosen from over 200 tracks by BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson and his Fresh on the Net Team, and named Record of the Week by BBC Introducing Solent.

BRUCH takes influence from artists such as Massive Attack, Alice Phoebe Lou and David Bowie, along with a wide array of classical composers. A proud ‘owner’ of her Asperger’s Syndrome, BRUCH’s music is unique and diverse, spanning the genres of folk, pop, and electronica, with a Nordic twist thrown in for good measure. But in quiet moments, she can be found listening to anything from Satie to Sondheim.

BRUCH’s music is regularly snapped up by BBC Introducing for their Saturday night show, to great acclaim from both the host, Stephanie Nieuwenhuys, and the show’s audience, and she performed a two-song Live Lounge and interview for them in August.

One of the live tracks, Tortoise Skin, was from her recently released EP, Autis, which takes listeners on a multi-faceted journey through her autistic creativity. During the five-song EP, the audience journeys from ambient, hypnotic moments into bass-driven, thunderous tribal drumming, all accentuated by her multi-layered cello sections.

2019 will see BRUCH appearing on the BBC Introducing Stage at Winchestival, plus sets at Hastings Fat Tuesday and the Metropolis Blue Label launch night, with many more to be announced…

“Amazing! …Your commitment to the performance is captivating!”
Kieron Pepper (The Prodigy [97-07], Radiophonic Workshop)

"Captured immediately by BRUCH’s cavernous, enveloping and cleansing vocals... I’m absolutely enchanted by the palpable atmosphere that she creates. As the textures and sheer aural impact develop and brilliantly original percussive layers are introduced, the song builds to a stunning and truly inspired climax."

Will O'Brien - Island Records A&R