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FEEDBACK - Initial Short Video Clip Survey Results

Survey Part 2

FEEDBACK - Full Video - Final Product Feedback, from tutors

I love this video and feel the final product of your FMP is outstanding. 

Beautiful use of light and imagery to create a very effective & engaging music video. The metaphors used in the images to reinforce the idea/message are insightful and well thought out. A great piece of work!‘ – Abi Evans, ACM tutor and solo artist

The video is strong – it has a strong concept, is carried through with integrity and the performances are focused and engaging. My only wish is that the stretched material elements could have been expanded upon as I think it’s a very interesting visual texture. The editing is well handled and the video flows in a pleasing way. Overall I am very impressed with the level at which this has been approached – good job, Christie!‘ – Adam Pain, ACM tutor, producer and film artist

FEEDBACK - Full Video - Final Product Feedback, from fanbase

‘A beautiful expressive interpretation of a beautiful piece of music and words of deep meaning to the composer. Well done.’ – Female, Age 76

‘After watching the Before Our Time video and listening to the audio I am in awe. To see such a strong message in the video, which is also portrayed by emotion in the lyrics, is amazing. The contrast of light, dark and the other visual effects shown throughout also help to show the emotion felt by the character, as well as what they are scared of facing. A truly wonderful piece both audio wise and visually.’ – Female, Age 18

‘This video is really beautiful. It is calming and serene at the start. The white colouring and mistiness give an innocence which reflects the purity of the child. The added dark, jagged scenes with the evil self contrast with this later on, showing a glimpse of the evil in the world and what could potentially happen. I really like the red sections. I feel many will understand this colouring, and its relevance to the womb. I love the end shot which focuses on BRUCH’s face, showing the emotion in her eyes as it pans round. Very powerful. She also acts extremely well in the sung scenes, showing the angst she is feeling through her movements and facial expressions. It’s a very powerful and emotive piece. I think it’s a brilliant, contemporary, artistic interpretation.’ – Female Age 50.