BBC Introducing Celebrating LGBTQ BRUCH Music

BBC Introducing Celebrating LGBTQ Artists and their Music


Last weekend, BBC Introducing Celebrating LGBTQ Artists and their music, chose BRUCH’s ‘Swear’ as one of their featured tracks. The show also featured music from Mione Million, Delilah Montagu and Jack Francis.

You can listen to the episode in full here on BBC iPlayer (available for 24 days).

Find out more about BRUCH’s music here.

BBC Introducing Celebrating Music From LGBTQ Artists, Saturday 26th June, 2021.


Pioneers come in many forms – a bit like the communities that celebrate them. The LGBTQ audience has championed a diverse array of musical artists, some because their brand of effervescent, life-affirming pop speaks loudly to them; others because their restless energy to drive change through their art has helped deliver great progress. All these LGBTQ Musicians should be celebrated.

Listen to the Ultimate Pride playlist on Spotify and scroll down to read out list of world-changing LGBTQ musicians.

But, of course, the trouble with lists is that they are so subjective. Some of the LGBTQ Musicians here are obvious, given their long-standing support of universal acceptance and affirmation. When Madonna used her position as the biggest pop star on the planet to explore darker themes of the sexuality that links us all, it was as brave a move as a new act allowing themselves to be marketed as the world’s first “out” rock star in the early 70s, when “gay liberation” had barely got going. If Jobraith may have a more obvious reason to regret that decision, then let’s not forget how ferociously Madonna was attacked for taking such a provocative stance 20 years later.

Courage of one’s conviction is the defining DNA of a pioneer, and every one of the musicians on this list does – or did – things resolutely their own way. We live in an era when many battles have been won, but the fight for universal acceptance – especially in many countries around the world – goes relentlessly on. If there’s one rallying call central to this list, it’s that change can come if you create a message that truly connects with people. Great music, great style, or just great fun can obviously communicate just as powerfully as a political slogan.

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