Costing the Earth BBC Radio 4


March 24th 2020 | A little spark of light in the darkness at the moment, since all live gigs have been cancelled – here’s a behind-the-scenes look at an interview I did with Toby Field of BBC Radio 4 for ‘Costing The Earth’, discussing how artists in the music industry are lowering their carbon footprint (should be aired mid April). I had a really good, long chat with Toby about the steps my musicians and I are taking, and he sat in for one of our last rehearsals earlier this month.

I know now is not the time to be focusing on the planet, as we have such a great humanitarian crisis on our hands. But we must always be pushing for a greener future, when we are finally able to emerge from our current situation, and improve other areas of our communities.

Listen to BRUCH’s Costing The Earth episode here.