PRIDE MONTH IS HERE! Take time for you.


Now is not the time for lengthy captions, and, as someone who has been relatively closeted for most of my life, my feelings towards this month are significantly elevated this year. So I’ll keep it short.
I hope that every one of you gets the luxury at least once in your life to experience true comfort within yourself. I don’t think I have yet. For some it takes decades. But I’m on my way. And being ‘out’ to *almost everyone* I know, online and personally, has helped significantly.
I wish I could say I understand the reasons for so much hate to thrive in this world, but I don’t. Because there is no legitimate reason. So WE have to thrive instead, so passionately that everything else is drowned out. I truly have faith in humanity because of times like this. Because of the legacy that black trans women gifted to the community in the form of Pride, even at the risk of their own safety. Because of the way we can band together to support each other for simply existing.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Please stay safe this month. But also stay hopeful AND PROUD. ???

Happy Pride Month!

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Music is universal… UNIVERSALMUSIC.COM

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, is expanding its annual Music Is Universal LGBTQ+ Pride celebration for 2021. This year’s mission centers around belonging and intersectionality, striving to transcend tolerance and create a true sense of belonging for the LGBTQ+ community by amplifying the voices of UMG employees, artists and fans. The month-long celebration will feature a capsule collection benefiting GLAAD, artist listening parties, curated playlists and a mental health content series.

“Music is a unifying force in the world and has the power to uplift every voice, intersectionality and identity,” said UMG EVP & Chief People & Inclusion Officer Eric Hutcherson. “We believe that all people should feel that they belong, and our hope is that our Pride celebration gives that sense of belonging to all members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, as well as supports the organizations and people doing the critical work of advocating for the community – not just during Pride Month but throughout the year.”

“Music has always been a powerful medium for self-expression and belonging, helping members from different communities, including LGBTQ+ people, to connect with one another,” said Taylor Owen, Strategic Partnerships Officer at GLAAD. “Universal Music Group’s ‘Music is Universal’ Pride collection harnesses the power of music to uplift the community, artists, allies, fans and the music industry by amplifying necessary messages of visibility and acceptance this June.”